Welcome CBR Photography to Edzerza Gallery!

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       We’ve got a new member of the team at the Edzerza Gallery! Chelsea Brooke Roisum has moved in with all her equipment and will be using the Gallery as a studio space.

       She’s going to be shooting Alano Edzerza’s Native American Apparel clothing line from Feb 8th-10th. If you’d like to model for prints/photo credits please email info@CBRphotography.ca.

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Thank You!

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Thank you for your continued support into the New Year! Happy 2012 everyone!

The year end sale was a rousing success and we should have some new projects to share with you soon!

edit: lol ooops!! :d thinking 12 months too fast.

Edzerza Gallery Year End Sale!

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What Design Shall We Use?

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We want to print some new Hooded-Sweater-Dresses (from American Apparel). We’ve got lots of designs and colours. We’re thinking White for the print colour, but what design should we use?

We’ve got Ravens, Frogs, Eagles Landing, a single Eagle, a Raven Dancer, Hummingbirds, Formline Box Design, and a lot of others…!

What design do you think we should use for this new item and what colour should we print it in? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Friday!

Native American Apparel Tunic Dresses

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     I know it’s the middle of winter in Vancouver but Edzerza Gallery is stocked up on these items! We even have a few “special edition” versions that used a “dye release” process rather than the traditional ink silk screen.

     Instead of black ink drawing out the formline, we’ve taken out the colour in the same pattern. Come down to the gallery to have a look! We have stock in small, medium and large. These dresses sold really fast last summer so now is your chance to get one if you missed them!

     Here are some pictures of the dresses, featuring Amberae Wood modelling and Thosh shooting.

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Edzerza Sports: One Year Later

•November 18, 2011 • 1 Comment

     It’s been one year since we had that fabulous Edzerza Sports launch party. The excitement of that day and the weeks leading up to it has slowly worn away, and we’re still here, a year later. We’ve expanded the line, adding a white long sleeve shirt to it, and have rolled through a full restock of them already.

     Edzerza Sports is still a unique collection in a crowded marketplace. No other brand or manufacturer has made the connection between the art of the Northwest Coast and technical outer wear. We are still the only sports brand in Canada to offer Native art on highly technical outer wear. Polar-tec? We’ve got it. 20,000 ml water column test? Check. Breathe-ability? Yup. Fully taped seams? You betcha. Our line stands alone as one of the most ambitious projects in Northwest Coast artwork and technical outer wear.

     Moving forward to next year, we will continue to push the boundaries of what it means to combine Northwest Coast art with technical gear. We are the pioneers in this endeavour, and we will continue to evolve and expand. Keep an eye out on the website for exciting updates.

     To commemorate our one year anniversary, we’ve put together this gallery of the collection. Enjoy!

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How to make an Art

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     I saw a video one time on YouTube about “how to make an Art”. It sticks in my head, because even though its irreverent and coarse he speaks with understanding. He uses the term “an Art” to give his video a humorous tone, as well as a creative spin. His style of talking carries on this humour: “where do you find scratch in 2011?” he asks. What makes art “an art” that people recognise as such is one of the questions of our generation.

     We are so fascinated with the enormous values that “an art” can demand at auction. We’re confounded by the mystique of “an art” and the fact that in this hyper-digital world, there is still a place for the artist. Every time I hear about a large art sale, or a new Damien Hirst piece, I hear echoes of “I could do that” passed from person to person, everybody nods in unison. Graduate student Naroa Lizar Redrado probably has heard that phrase passed around a number of times in her studies at the University for the Creative Arts in Kent.

     Last summer, she presented a graduating thesis project that consisted of DIY Art Kits. Each kit gives the buyer the ability to recreate a well known and recognisable work of art themselves. Now everyone can follow up on their claims of “I could do that”. Unfortunately, these kits are not for sale, and are a comment on the viewer’s confusion about “an art”. These kits pull away the veil, and give everyone an artist’s perspective of “an art” before it becomes “an art”. That is what I see, anyhow – your mileage may vary.

     The following images and words via Flavorwire.com

1. Recreate Damien Hirst’s Love of God for £49.99. Kit includes a plastic human-size skull, 8,601 crystal beads, glue, paintbrush, tweezers, and silver paint.

2. Recreate Rachel Whiteread’s Pink Torso for £5. Kit includes a hot water bottle (2 liter) and alginate.

3. Recreate Marc Quinn’s Self (1991) for £20. Kit includes VC blood bag, alginate, plaster bandages, cotton, face cream, disposable gloves, silicon swimming hat, and a band-aid.

4. Recreate Tracy Emin’s Everyone I have Ever slept with 1963-1995 for £16. Kit includes camping tent for 2 people, sewing kit, colorful threads, and assorted fabrics.

5. Recreate Banksy’s graffiti for £10. Kit includes spray paint and stencils.

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